1-to-1 Public Speaking Training

This training program is designed for those who wish to have a more exclusive, personal and practical experience based on their preferred available schedule.

This certification will enable you to:

  • Create a positive and measurable impact with your communication skills
  • Construct a solid structure in all of your presentations
  • Build confidence and be ready for any type of presentation
  • Generate the habit of motivating yourself so you can motivate your audience too
  • Earn more money as well as many other priceless rewards
  • Learn techniques to keep your audience engaged throughout
  • Take pride in what you do and what you are speaking about
  • Share your knowledge and help others achieve their dreams

Public speaking is an art and a skill that can be mastered by investing time, effort and capital. The return on your investment is massive and the rewards are priceless. If you want to make a difference in the world and learn to speak the unspoken, this program will be a great opportunity for you to step up and become the best version of yourself.


Emirates Youth Leadership (EYL) is a personal development training program customized for UAE nationals, who are looking forward to taking their leadership skills to the next level. EYL is a customized 3 months program that teaches you how to improve your leadership and communication skills to create positive change. This leadership training program is designed for the most promising Emiratis for the future of the UAE, who are driven to polish and gain various leadership skills. This program is based on a proven educational method that is focused on each individual’s well-being and soft skills. Attending EYL is 100% satisfaction and money back guaranteed.

We are selecting an exclusive group of individuals who are committed for personal growth and transformation to serve and represent the UAE's future vision.

EYL is a practical program that has been developed with input from top experts in the field of leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence which will help you to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your personal life and your professional career. During this program, you will get a chance to practice the new tools, strategies, and techniques with direct feedback from your coaches and mentors.

This is an opportunity for you to gain remarkable soft skills that can support you to achieve your dreams and goals.


To add value to your events and ceremonies for your audience, book COACH KARDAN as your Keynote speaker. He will deliver a clear message of courage and inspiration with dynamic and engaging energy.

Coach Kardan’s keynote addresses are full of useful advice and wisdom to motivate the listeners with his experiences, knowledge, and skills. His past speeches have had a great impact on the audience. A speech to always remember, but more importantly, his keynote addresses push the listeners to take immediate action. Coach Kardan will cater the keynote speech to your needs, according to the type of event and who the target audience is. Please be clear about your expectations, outcomes, and the desired results. Communication and ample time for preparation is important.

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