Keynote Speaking

When you select a professional keynote speaker, there are several things you must be aware of in order to have a great ROI (return on investment). Be clear about your expectations, outcomes, and the desired results. Communication with your keynote speaker is important and giving them enough time to prepare fully is essential. Always select the best speakers and choose wisely because if you don’t put the right speaker in front of your audience, the results will be ordinary or disappointing. Your selected keynote speaker must be courageous, dynamic, energetic, experienced, knowledgable, skillful, wise and engaging. They must also deliver your message with a great impact that the audience will always remember it and more importantly take immediate action upon it.

If you want to add extra value for your audience and create positive change, book COACH KARDAN for your next event. He will deliver for you and give you something beyond your expectations.

For University Students and School Graduates 

(120 minutes workshop)

  • In search of excellence to find your dream job
  • Learn to design your life for the next 20 years
  • 7 major skills, attitudes, and competencies you must attain for success
  • The power of Anticipation and knowing the road ahead 
  • 3 Steps to building a successful and mission-driven business

For Government Employees and Officials 

(120 minutes)

  • Leadership and choosing commitment over convenience
  • Motivation, inspiration, and empowerment for outstanding leaders
  • Raising your standards and creating a compelling future for your people 
  • Creating massive value in our connected world
  • Communication Mastery and the magic of modalities

For International Corporations & other Events

(120 minutes)

  • Playing to win vs playing to play
  • Your greatest asset in life & business
  • The power of consistency in a successful business
  • 5 qualities of A-class players in a growing company
  • Implementing the 9 stages of the genius model to success