Nouf Omar 

Airline Pilot, Boeing 777-300 Emirates Airlines, UAE

“Shortly after attending a powerful workshop at the youth-hub in Dubai entitled “Leadership Presentation Skills for Influencers”, I decided to invest my time, energy & capital in my education and developing myself to become even more of an outstanding communicator. Coach Kardan has the authentic power and skills with his direct style of delivery & method of teaching. You’ll gain from his knowledge and experience and I highly recommend him as a professional presentation coach.”

Yosuke Yagi 

Vice President of LIXIL-Japan

“We hired Coach Kardan for two years as one of our international trainers to work with our board members & global leadership team in Japan. He has done an outstanding job connecting with our team and sharing some very powerful contents on the topic of presentation for leaders. 

We highly recommend him as a world class corporate trainer and presentation coach.”

Qazi Mansoor Hameed

Etihad Airways, UAE

“I would like to thank you personally for your presentation as our Guest Speaker Coach Kardan on “The Power of Your Story”. The comments of those who attended, the workshop was very successful. The credit goes to you and Etihad Airways Management to give us such amazing opportunity. I wish to attend future workshops and to learn and grow with your expertise in Leadership skills. We were pleased to have your participation in this outstanding workshop, and we thank you for your valuable contribution. Most of us agreed that your lecture was the most interesting we ever had. Thanks once again for the best knowledgeable day. Best regards, Qazi Mansoor Hameed Etihad Airways, UAE”

 Glenys Henry 

University Lecturer, Professional Coach, New Zealand

“Coach Kardan’s training and presentation coaching was fun and full of learning new tools and strategies. As a university lecturer and coach, I knew about the importance of speaking and I was already confident about the depth of my contents, but working with him gave me the idea of how to structure my timeline presentation as well as how to plan for a powerful closing that can lead to more action for my students. He has a great vision and sense of humor and cares about his clients deeply.”

Saeed Al Rais

Airline Pilot Boeing-777, Emirates Airline, UAE 

“I created massive level of confidence in my daily communications as well as adding great amount of certainty to my crew when I do my presentations in briefings before each flight. Learning the strategies and tools of advanced communication and effective speaking gave me a new vision for who I want to become and how I want to inspire others with my skillset. Thank you Coach for reminding me about my capabilities.” 

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